Marjala is a geographical sight in Finland. Its name can be translated into English as "berry space". The world "space" in the English version of our name is not random: we have  always been interested in creating a cosy space for learning languages. Being multilingual teachers, we started our careers as teachers of Finnish and French, but one day we decided to make a company together. Marjala was born as a Finnish-Russian project in 2015. At first we taught Finnish to Russians and Russian to Finns, but during our growth we were adding other languages. After having completed a requalification course in Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language at the Moscow State University we started focusing more on teaching Russian to foreigners. Among our clients there have been English, French and Finnish native speakers. 


In 2022 we took a decision to separate two projects - teaching of Russian as a foreigh language and providing language & other services for Russian relocants moving abroad.



Here you can find the information about us and our teachers who are involoved in our actual projects. 


Maria Krivtsova

Co-founder, CEO and teacher

Maria is a co-founder and director, she works as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language trhough English and Finnish languages, creates studies programs and hires teachers for projects. 


Alina Glukhaniuk

Co-founder, development director, teacher

Аlina is a co-founder, development, marketing and SMM director, studies program maker, she teaches Russian as a foreign language through English, French and Finnish languages.

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Svetlana Antropova


Started teaching foreign languages while still being a student at Saint Petersburg State University language department more than 15 years ago. While living in Greece, Svetlana worked in a language school teaching Russian and English to Greek speaking students. Right now she teaches online using the combination of traditional methods, communicative style and blended learning. Teaches Russian to English and Greek speakers.

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Svetlana Vydrina


Saint Petersburg State University languages department graduate. Master's degree in linguistics and language teaching. Have been teaching languages for more than 10 years. Can teach Russian to speakers of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek.