Would you like to understand Russian sign-boards, the names of different dishes in «stolovaya», to be more familiar with Russian public transport, to understand where «marshrutkas» go and what “babushkas” say at the market?

1 day (4 h.) Russian language tour «Russian language basics to survive” is created for those who want to dive into the Russian life, using the basics of the Russian language.

You will learn the alphabet and simple phrases necessary to survive in case if people around don’t speak English. You will also practise that all in a special tour guided by our instructor!

Russian language tour

Price: 1500 rub.per.person in groups for 4-8 people, 2500 rub.per pers. in groups for  2-3, 5000 rub. for 1 person

Marjala|Языковое пространство


ул.Садовая, 53, Гостиница "На Садовой", 2 этаж, офис 6 

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Часы работы: пн-пт, 11.00-19.00

+7 (911)  219 27 27 

+7 (952) 370 17 77 

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